BIMsolar features

BIMsolar® is an innovative project supported by EIT-InnoEnergy, EUROSTARS and H2020 programmes.

WEB community and connected software dedicated to promote solar innovations into architecture.

BIMsolar® supports you to design your photovoltaic installations, either BAPV (standards PV modules mainly on roofs) or BIPV (fully integrated into the façades and even PV windows or floors to create new building skins).

BIMsolar® is developed by EnerBIM.

Import 3D models

BIMsolar® imports various 3D & BIM files: SketchUp, BIM IFC , gbXML, EnergyPlus

Weather data

Our server offers a hundred of data from weather stations. You can also import your own weather data in tm2, epw or csv format

Irradiance simulation

BIMsolar® enables you to set and simulate direct and diffuse irradiance. The software models solar gains and energy losses at any point of your 3D scene

PV modules

You will use a large choice of PV modules, available on the market (extensive Photon® database). You will also be able to develop your own BIPV innovations using BIMsolar configurators

Inverters selection

You get extensive data base (Photon®) to select your inverters. The software also enables you to develop your own innovative configuration

Câblage - Strings

Modules connection and wiring should be done either manually or in auto mode, following your inverters selection and your PV system configuration

Detailed results

BIMsolar® gives you access to monthly, daily or hourly detailed results. You should manage irradiance and PV production for the whole system or selecting you set of modules and inverters. You receive data and figures for losses due to shadowing, heating, wiring and mismatching effects

Financial analysis

You should perform what-if analysis to get financial performance for your project, global and instantaneous. Compare variants! BIMsolar® simulates ROI related to your strategies: feed-in, self-consumption, mix.