Frequently Asked Questions

1/ BIMsolar: Setup & Startup of the software

Q: what are system queries for a good performance?

>WINDOWS 7/8/10 Intel i5/5th generation + 4Go RAM are a minimum (16Go the best!)

Q: Does it run with MAC OS X ?

> NO only Windows versions are developed

Q: how can I become a new user for BIMsolar freeware ?

> First of all self-register as a new user on Then download HERE the software and install it easily on your computer, if possible in administrator mode.

Then activate BIMsolar and stick it into the taskbar

Q: Windows sends me errors while trying to activate BIMsolar

> Update every graphical driver on your machine, restart your computer then launch BIMsolar. If it still does not operate, CONTACT US!

2/ Start with a project

Q: how can I download a project?

> Goto the "File" menu then open an existing BIMsolar project or import a new 3D Model

Q: what kind of formats can I import?

> you can use common 3D compatible formats: skp, ifc, gbxml, idf. They can be exported from the main CAD and BIM solutions today

Q: what must I do start with BIMsolar simulation?

> you first have to geo-reference your project with the Google Map or import a weather file from your personal database. BIMsolar will use the closest weather data to your project location

3/ Irradiance

Q: how do I use these feature?

> In this step you activate BIMsolar ray tracing to simulate solar potential wherever on your model. You will be able to find the best locations for your BAPV/BIPV layouts

Q: what kind of results do I get?

> you get a coloured 3D solarized scene and local value at your mouse position for Irradiance, shadowing, direct reception ratio...

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